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Hi I am Heena A Kukreja. I am currently a director of Nutrition and Dietitics department. I hold a BTech degree in Biotechnology from MDU and Nutrition and Health Education from Delhi university. My dissertation was from AIIMS.
It had always encouraged me to vis a vis about the science behind food and how it can be used therapeutically to build healthier bodies in addition, I have an interest in helping others to improve their nutrition status and I enjoy working in variety of different settings to achieve this goal.

While I once feared eating because I understood to be a weakness,my knowledge helped me overcome from this believe and explained how food is a fuel for the body….food is strength .
Today I am healthier, happier and energetic than before. So I further strive to be a positive influence on my patients, clients, customers and community applying not only my knowledge of nutrition and food engineering but my encouraging and empathetic personality.
I value that what I do ,say and think will make a difference in big picture.
Thank You!

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