it’s true! Fast weight loss isn’t reliable..

To all the babes 👯‍♀️who are trying to lose weight on their own , beaware! There’s a lot of misinformation you may see 🤳 .

While diet programs and influencers may make you think that weight scale is the only thing that matters 😵 and you’re not losing fat  just by cutting n number of calories , let me tell you…. They must be looking amazing 🤷‍♀️but trust me,they are setting you up for failure! The stomach and arms never truely transforms👎🏻 like this .

Relax . If you’re eating  healthy and not losing weight it’s completely normal for body to take time to adjust.

If you need more support, don’t give up .💔

I’m here to help you shed those extra kilos and review your food choices .